Xu Hướng 12/2023 # Hanoi Snack Shop: List Of Famous Cheap And Delicious Addresses # Top 15 Xem Nhiều

Bạn đang xem bài viết Hanoi Snack Shop: List Of Famous Cheap And Delicious Addresses được cập nhật mới nhất tháng 12 năm 2023 trên website Bpco.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

List of snack shops in Hanoi, where customers visit Nuoc Nop 1. Sticky rice with Mrs. Thin

Ba Thin’s sticky rice is one of the places to enjoy the famous old-town cuisine. The shop sells a wide variety of teas with a mix of different ingredients, colors and flavors. The shop is busiest in the evenings and weekends, when young people gather to enjoy red bean and green bean soup. Especially on cold winter days, the warmth and sweet taste will make you completely “collapse”.

Address: 1 Ward Bat Dan, Hang Gai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Opening hours: 08h15 – 23h00.

2. Four Seasons Tea

Photo: @alexandredonato

Every season, every time of the year, coming to this delicious snack shop in Hanoi, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best teas. The tea dishes here can be made with different fruits along with beans, jelly, coconut milk,… giving you a cool feeling. The shop is located in the beautiful old town, but the customers are always crowded, showing its long-standing reputation.

Address: No. 4 Hang Can, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Price from: 10,000 VND – 30,000 VND.$1=24,000 VND

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm.

3. Minh Khai hot cakes

Photo: @ja_jaturun

In Hanoi cuisine , hot cake is a familiar snack with its rustic and rustic charm. If you are a fan of this delicious dish, this is the place you should go. The shop’s hot cakes have the aroma of flour, are flexible and smooth. All kinds of ingredients such as shrimp, meat or wood ear, … are very fresh. The bowl of hot cakes when brought out, just smelling it makes you feel intoxicated.

Address: 246 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.

Price from: 6,000 VND – 10,000 VND.

Opening hours: 15:00 – 19:00.

4. Nam Dong Tao Pho

Photo: @manhboms

The rustic dishes of the North are present everywhere, but enjoying in Hanoi also brings an unforgettable feeling. The shop selling this dish is the most famous in Nam Dong market. The dish is soft and smooth, the sugar water is fragrant with jasmine and is moderately sweet, not harsh. Glove jelly is also very delicious, can be eaten alone or mixed together is very attractive.

Address: A8 Nam Dong market, Dong Da district, Hanoi.

Price from: 6,000 VND – 10,000 VND.

Opening hours: 6:00am – 12:30pm.

5. Long Vi Dung dried beef salad

Photo: @tungboo0107

Referring to the dried beef salad, it is impossible not to mention the delicious Hanoi snack bar, but also in this old quarter. A portion of dried beef with full ingredients such as: dried beef, shredded papaya, herbs, roasted peanuts, … very full. All mixed with delicious sauce. You can also order more spring rolls from the restaurant to eat together, which is also very delicious.

Address: 23 Hoan Kiem Lake, Hang Bac, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Price from: 25,000 VND – 44,000 VND.

Opening hours: 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

6. Co Ty grilled eggs

Photo: @veryfunnyha

Enjoying  Hanoi snacks but skipping the grilled egg dish is a mistake. This is one of the restaurants that you should visit and enjoy once. Quail eggs are broken into a bowl with sausage, butter, onions, … and then grilled over charcoal. When ripe, the fragrance is released, making it difficult for anyone passing by.

Address: No. 24B Nguyen Quang Bich, Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

Price from: 10,000 VND – 20,000 VND

Opening hours: 16:00 – 22:00.

7. Nha Trang grilled spring rolls restaurant H2O

Photo: @hahaiday

Nha Trang grilled spring rolls have long become a familiar snack of Hanoi people and the chain of grilled spring rolls H2O is the most famous. The restaurant has many addresses for you to come and enjoy. Although it is still the ingredients and the way to make it, but when you eat here in Hanoi , you will feel the unique taste of the dipping sauce. The sauce of spring rolls is thick, add a little chili and dried onions, it is really “delicious with all the dipping sauce”.

Address: No. 81 Tran Phu, Ha Dong District, Hanoi. 

Price from: 50,000 VND – 80,000 VND.

Opening hours: 9:30am – 9:30pm.

8. Hang Trong mixed rice paper shop

Photo: @xuannguyen28

Located close to the pedestrian street area, this mixed rice paper shop is highly appreciated by many people for its rich taste. The toppings are plentiful and seasoned to taste. In addition, the owner and the service are very enthusiastic, so many people come to try it.

Address: 90 Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Price from: 20,000 VND.

Opening hours: 9am – 11pm.

9. Hanh snail shop

Photo: @thaoofood_2222

Located right in the Ngo Si Lien market, this address is also in the top of Hanoi’s snacks that are highly appreciated by many people. Snail restaurant has a quite diverse menu, enthusiastic service staff. The simplest is just a normal boiled snail dish, but if you try it, you will feel the deliciousness that the snail broth can also slurp. The dipping sauce is thick with lemongrass and chili.

Address: 27 Ngo Si Lien, Dong Da, Hanoi.

Price from: 20,000 VND.

Opening hours: 9am – 10pm.

10. Hot cassava tea 39 Ly Quoc Su

Photo: @tracyum_

Hot cassava soup is often seen selling most in the winter of Hanoi when the weather is cold. The cassava tea here has its own deliciousness, flexibility, and fleshy taste, cooked with yellow sugar water. The tea bowl has a warm ginger aroma, with a little coconut milk added to increase the deliciousness and fat.

Address: 39 Ly Quoc Su, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Price from: 10,000 VND – 15,000 VND.

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm.

11. Uncle Pham Bang’s boat drifting wheel

Photo: @littlebowlhanoi

Referring to Hanoi’s winter dishes , drift cake is a specialty that everyone loves. Nice little snack shop located in the old quarter has been sold for more than 30 years. The menu of the restaurant has only 3 dishes from the past to the present: Luc Tau Xa, Chi that Phu and Drift Cake . Although simple, but the customers are always crowded. There is a point that the restaurant only opens when it is cold, so if you have the opportunity to go to Hanoi at this time, remember to stop by to try it.

Address: 30 P. Hang Giay, Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Price from: 20,000 VND.

Opening hours: 15:30 – 22:30.

12. Ba Gia fried spring rolls

Photo: @le.hong94

Referring to fried spring rolls, Tam Thuong alley is a “paradise” to enjoy this snack. In which, the most famous is the old lady’s Old Lady’s shop. You can choose to buy fried spring rolls with flour or without dough, when customers call and bring it up, it should be hot. Nem is not too big, but eating chewy, fresh and delicious is very satisfying, you can eat a dozen times without getting bored.

Photo: @hunhdoof

Nem chua dipped in sour and spicy sauce is prepared according to its own recipe to increase the deliciousness. When eaten with beans, cucumbers, pickles, etc., reduce the taste. In addition to fried spring rolls, the shop also has many other delicious dishes such as cheese sticks, beef balls, french fries, … and drinks.

Address: 38 Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Price: 6,000 VND/piece.

Opening hours: 14:00 – 22:00.

13. Hung Ben noodle shop

Photo: @kmkritlin

In Hanoi , pho roll is a dish that creates its own identity for its own cuisine and Hung Ben noodle shop is one of the prestigious Hanoi snack shops that many people trust. The flavor of the restaurant’s pho rolls is impeccable, the thin noodle rolls with meat and raw vegetables are just right. Dotted with sweet and sour fish sauce, the more you eat, the more you love it, the dish is full but not heavy.

Address: 33 Ngu Xa, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

Price from: 40,000 VND.

Opening hours: 9am – 9pm.

14. Banh xeo, Sau Phuoc spring rolls 

Photo: @vietnami1991

Selling Southern snacks, this banh xeo and spring rolls shop is loved by many young Ha Thanh people. The most favorite dish is the pancakes that are fried golden brown, crispy but not soaked in oil. And spring rolls are fragrant with lemongrass when grilled on charcoal. The dipping sauce is equally delicious, especially the free raw vegetables, you can eat as much as you want.

Address: 74 Cau Dat, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Price from: 10,000 VND – 50,000 VND.

Opening hours: 10:45 – 20:30.

15. U’s filtered flour salad

Photo: @aileen_s.lee

Walking around the area near Hanoi pedestrian street, you remember to visit one of these cheap and delicious snack shops in Hanoi. The shop is a familiar address for “gourmets” because it has more than 30 years of experience in trading. The restaurant’s delicious dishes are such as: dried beef, papaya salad or filter cake, … have all the delicious flavors and eye-catching colors that are immediately pleasing to the eye.

Address: No. 34 Gam Cau, Hang Giay, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Price from: 30,000 VND – 50,000 VND.

Opening hours: 3pm – 6pm.

16. Ngo Huyen Rib Porridge

Photo: @h.phuong.p

Right at the beginning of Nguyen Lane, there is a nice little rib porridge shop located in a small corner of the sidewalk, but it is never empty. Whether morning or night, the rib porridge shop is always busy, people come to eat crowded from old people to young children. The taste of traditional rib porridge, smooth and delicious to eat without being bored, deserves to be a famous snack of Hanoi .

Address: Alley Huyen, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Price from: 15,000 VND.

Opening hours: 11am – 6pm.

17. Dinh Ngang Bread 

Photo: @tuananh99_

Having a pretty name “Gift of Angels”, Dinh Ngang bread has become a familiar Hanoi snack bar for generations of people here. The shop has many dishes, but the most famous are banh mi with wine sauce and egg bread. The bread is full, affordable, and clean is what makes the shop exist for a long time and the customers are always crowded.

Address: 252 Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Price from: 10,000 VND – 30,000 VND.

Opening hours: 9am – 9pm.

18. West Lake Shrimp Cake

Photo: @foodlifewtitt

West Lake shrimp cake is a snack with “national soul, national spirit”, in Hanoi there are many places to sell but this shop is considered the most standard. The shrimp cakes at the restaurant are fried to a crispy golden color and look very attractive. Not only eating delicious but also watching the super beautiful and romantic West Lake.

Address: No. 1 Thanh Nien, Yen Phu, Tay Ho, Hanoi.

Opening hours: 9am – 9pm.

Price range: 80,000 VND – 130,000 VND.

19. Ba Nga grilled skewers 

Photo: @tuilagttran

In the list of Hanoi street food , grilled skewers are always at the top. And if you want to enjoy excellent grilled meat skewers, you must definitely go to this place known as the “first grilled meat skewers” of Hanoi to enjoy. The meat here is cut into moderate pieces, seasoned quite well. Eating it is not very satisfying or sandwiched with bread, cucumber is an instant full meal.

Address: 31 Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Price from: 5,000 VND – 30,000 VND

Opening hours: 8:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

20. Mai Nga mannequin shop

Photo: @conanganhang

Mai Nga salad serves snacks that are both delicious and cheap. There are a lot of Hanoi snacks sold here , but the dish that makes the restaurant’s name is dried beef mannequin with filter cake. If you have the opportunity to visit the restaurant, you must try these two dishes to see if the taste is different from the places you have been to.

Address: 25 Ham Long, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Price from: 40,000 VND.

Opening hours: 3pm – 10pm.

Photo: @nommainga

There are many beautiful, delicious and quality Hanoi snacks that are highly appreciated by foreign customers. If you have not had the opportunity to enjoy, please refer to the list of addresses above and come eat as soon as you have the opportunity. Discover all the cuisine of the Capital from the most simple dishes.

Photo: Internet

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Từ khoá: Hanoi snack shop: list of famous cheap and delicious addresses

Boiled Time, A Delicious, Nutritious And Cheap Afternoon Gift For A Cold Day

The delicious dishes about blood are already very familiar in the rich cuisine of the Vietnamese people. I don’t know since when boiled blood has become a street food that is loved by many snackers. Although boiled blood is not really popular like many other street foods, but anyone who knows how to eat it is extremely addicted.

The pieces of brown secretions, soft and smooth like melting on the tip of the tongue, have such an irresistible addiction. The secret lies in the details of the seller. Blood is mixed with cold water in the right ratio to both keep the consistency and smooth. After winter, it will be cut into large squares and boiled with fresh ginger, lemongrass, Chinese smell, etc. to eliminate odors, depending on the cooking method of each restaurant. The stew takes a long time, but it must still be soft and succulent without residue.

Combo of boiled blood – hot snail – extremely warm vermicelli for a cold autumn afternoon.

Boiled blood will be eaten with sweet and sour fish sauce sprinkled with a little coriander and a little spicy chili or simply dipped with snail fish sauce. 2Beautiful, I would like to tell you a few familiar places of the devotees who often visit, let’s try it!

Boiling time in Nam Dong dormitory

A famous long-term boiling point address and always crowded. The shop specializes in selling boiled blood, duck eggs, mussel porridge and chicken soup in the afternoon. The restaurant’s boiled blood is stewed with wormwood, so it is very fragrant and sweet, served with sour bamboo shoots, so it is very delicious. Super “chestnut” price is only from 8 thousand / bowl, if eaten with duck eggs will be from 15 thousand / bowl, the blood is too delicious, so the shop often runs out of stock very soon.

Address: A3 Nam Dong Dormitory, Dong Da District, Hanoi

Price: 8 thousand – 30 thousand VND

Sales hours: 15:30 – 18:00

Market boiled time 8/3

This is also a long-standing boiled blood stream of Ha Thanh land. The shop specializes in selling boiled blood and boiled snails, served with noodles with snail sauce. The restaurant’s blood is more spongy and crispy than other places, the dipping sauce is super delicious and the customers can scoop it up freely, so it is very popular with diners. The shop is located in the 8/3 market, so it is quite cramped and has few seats, but it is always crowded.

Hot boiled blood, loved by many people.

Address: Market 8/3, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Price: 10 thousand – 35 thousand VND

Sales hours: 14:00 – 18:00

Nguyen An Ninh boiled blood

Another place that is very popular with junk food lovers, the shop is located in a small alley on Nguyen An Ninh street but is always crowded with customers. The blood here is as soft as jelly, filled with sweet and sour fish sauce and added a little laksa leaves, the smell should be quite delicious and strange. In addition to class, the shop also sells boiled snails and clams, hot cassava tea, boiled chicken feet.

Address: No. 3, Lane 121, Nguyen An Ninh, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Price: 10 thousand – 30 thousand VND

Sales hours: 13:00 – 18:30

Ta Quang Buu boiled blood

This is an address that is quite popular with snack lovers in the Bach – Kinh – Xay area, because it is both cheap and full. The restaurant on the sidewalk is a bit cramped but quite clean. Boiled blood is served with hot, delicious bamboo shoot stew. Tiet can also be eaten with delicious porridge dishes of the restaurant: mussel porridge, heart porridge, duck porridge.

Address: Opposite Bach Khoa dormitory, in lane A15 Ta Quang Buu, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Price: 15 thousand / bowl

Sale hours: 13:00 – 18:30

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Từ khoá: Boiled time, a delicious, nutritious and cheap afternoon gift for a cold day

Maybe You Don’t Know: Bui Vien West Street Has An Extremely Cheap And Delicious 30

Bui Vien is the busiest and most vibrant street in Saigon. Dubbed “Western Street”, Bui Vien has many bars, restaurants and attractive snacks. But not everyone knows that in the middle of that neighborhood, there is a load of popular Bui Vien hot tofu that has existed for more than 30 years and attracts many foodies in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh visits every day.

Delicious hot tofu bowl. Source: @ansapsaigon

This dish sounds simple, but it’s not for sale, but when it comes to hot tofu Bui Vien, people will definitely remember Ms. Thuy’s humble street vendors, located at the intersection of Do Quang Dau and Bui. Institute.

Tofu is a dish known by many people thanks to its rich, seductive flavor and greasy juice. The dish is familiar from small children to adults and even the elderly. Coming to Saigon, one of the must-see places to sell tofu is the tofu burden that has existed for more than 40 years at the bustling Bui Vien Street in the city center.

The gravy part. Source: @ansapsaigon

This tofu load has been associated with the memories of many Saigonese over the years. Every guest who comes here to enjoy cannot forget the taste of this hot cup of tofu. Even foreign guests love this traditional Vietnamese dish.

Walking along Bui Vien street, you will definitely see Ms. Thuy’s tofu shop which is always crowded with customers sitting and enjoying. Simply the image of a plastic chair both for sitting and for tofu is always crowded, making the scene more intimate and familiar.

Tofu has been passed down for 2 generations. Source: @ansapsaigon

Every day here, tofu is sold in hundreds with two large boxes of tofu. The number of guests is very supportive, so there is often no place to sit and most have to buy and take home to enjoy. The tofu sold out very quickly, so people rushed to buy it.

Sugar water has a beautiful color. Source: Internet

The cup of tofu is hot, fragrant, sweet, and does not have the smell of plaster like other places, so it is very popular with everyone. The traditional flavor makes tofu here always capture the hearts of many visitors. Tofu is soft, medium fat, each fiber of tofu is both white and smooth, so it looks very beautiful. Each cup of tofu is hot on a charcoal stove, so it increases the attractiveness.

A cup of tofu is always hot. Source: Internet

The most special highlight is the sugar water made by Ms. Thuy herself according to her own recipe, so the taste is very typical. Sugar water is made with alum sugar combined with jaggery boiled on the fire to create an eye-catching golden light with a pleasant sweet taste. In addition, in the sugar water, there can also be pandan leaves, ginger, so the more aroma and the warmer the taste.

Address: 167 Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lan Ward, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours: 15h30 – 20h00

Reference price: 10,000 – 15,000 VND

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Từ khoá: Maybe you don’t know: Bui Vien West Street has an extremely cheap and delicious 30-year-old tofu

What Is A Cheap Flight Ticket That Buys A Ticket Of 0 Dong And Still Has To Pay Extra?

In recent years, along with the trend of “bringing a backpack and going” of young people, there has been a “stormy” birth of low-cost airlines. Along with that is the birth of the “war” to hunt for cheap airline tickets. Have you equipped yourself with a full baggage for this “life and death battle”? Let’s 2Beauty prepare yourself a few “secrets” to win all the time.

Cheap airfare is what?

As the name suggests, cheap airline tickets are tickets that are sold with incredibly cheap tickets. Specifically, it is 0 VND air ticket, 1,000 VND air ticket, 9,000 VND air ticket, 99,000 VND air ticket, 199,000 VND air ticket. This price is much cheaper than the usual selling price in the market.

The simplest understanding is that cheap airline tickets are often included in the stimulus campaigns of airlines. They are often “fairly soft”, even or 1/3 or 1/4 of the normal fare. If you can find cheap tickets, you can save money, time or effort in travel compared to many other means of transport.

Why do I still have to pay for a 0 dong ticket?

Many people were surprised when they bought a 0 dong ticket but the amount they had to pay was still up to several hundred thousand. So why buy 0 dong tickets and still pay? Have I been cheated?

The answer is no? Although you can buy a ticket of 0 VND – that is, the ticket is free, to fly you still pay a lot of other costs to pay. Specifically, to fly you will have to pay the following fees:

– Fare

– V.a.t tax

– Screening security fee

– Airport fees

– System administration fee

– Payment fee or ticketing service surcharge

Thus, with the ticket from Hanoi to Da Lat costing 9,000 VND as shown in the photo, after adding taxes and mandatory fees, you will have to pay the amount of 514,900 VND. But of course this is still a soft price for such a long flight!

In addition to the fare, the airfare also includes a variety of fees.

But taxes are not all. With a cheap price, you will have to pay some extra fees such as extra baggage fees, meals (if you want to eat on the plane) or even buy more insurance.

However, not all cheap tickets have these additional fees. To be more precise, depending on the airline, you will have to pay these additional fees.

For example, with cheap tickets of Vietnam Airlines (Economy Economy), you will get free 12kg hand luggage, 23kg checked baggage (1 piece), free meals. With the low-cost ticket (Economy Saver Max) of Bamboo Airways, you only get 7kg of hand luggage and meals for free. With cheap tickets of Vietjetair and Pacific Airlines, you only get 7kg of hand baggage free of charge.

Therefore, when booking cheap tickets, consider carefully about the surcharges so that the ticket is really cheap.

Some airlines will charge extra fees for services plus cheap tickets.

Limitations of cheap airline tickets

– Most airlines do not apply refund or cancellation policy for low-cost airline tickets.

– If you want to change the flight schedule such as flight date, time, destination, etc., there will be an additional fee depending on the regulations of the airline you choose.

– With some low-cost airlines and low-cost ticket classes, you will be limited to the weight of hand luggage.

– Some cheap air tickets will not include services such as meals on the plane…

When is it easy to find a cheap plane?

– Cheap air tickets are open for sale in the low tourist season:

With different locations, airlines will launch promotions depending on the low season of travel.

For coastal tourist cities such as Da Nang, Nha Trang, and Quy Nhon, ticket prices in the months of September to October 11 are often lower than usual because this is the time of the stormy season in the Central region, also the time when the airfare is low. people visit these cities for tourism.

– Cheap air tickets are open for sale on holidays and Tet of the year

Airlines often have promotions on the occasion of major holidays of Vietnam such as: Liberation Day of the South on April 30, National Day of September 2, etc. However, tickets sold on these occasions apply to different periods. other points, but not immediately applied to the peak occasion as above.

Simple tips to help you win the “war” to hunt for cheap airline tickets – Photo 1

– Cheap air tickets are open for sale at times when few people fly

If you pay a little attention, you will easily notice that in the early morning and late at night, few people choose to fly because it is not convenient to travel. But for the cheap ticket hunting team, this is a “paradise” time to find yourself cheap flight tickets.

– Cheap air tickets are on sale on a day with few people flying

If people often focus on buying airline tickets to travel based on long vacations, the period before and after that vacation about 1.2 days is the right time for you to look for a cheap ticket. cheap.

In addition, weekdays like Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday also have cheaper airfares than weekends. You can consider planning a “travel” day of the week to save money on the trip.

2DEP Travel

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Từ khoá: What is a cheap flight ticket that buys a ticket of 0 dong and still has to pay extra?

Top 10 Delicious Pho Restaurants In Hanoi

Referring to Hanoi cuisine, it is impossible not to mention Pho. This is a typical Vietnamese dish that is loved by many people around the world! Let’s discover the top 10 delicious Pho restaurants in Hanoi that you should not miss below!

Top 10 delicious Pho restaurants in Hanoi Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su

Address: 10 Ly Quoc Su, Hoang Minh Giam, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Average price: 70,000 – 100,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours: 6:00 – 21:00

Referring to the top delicious Pho restaurants in Hanoi, it would be remiss not to mention Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su. Pho restaurant is present on many foreign food review sites. This is also the place visited by South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su

Pho Ly Quoc Su broth is not clear but turns yellow and is simmered from bones and lumps. The sweet taste is very natural without being harsh. Homemade pho noodles are white, clear, and immediately melt in your mouth. The beef is even more needless to say, fresh, and not bad. Because of the high price, every bowl is full of meat, eating just one bowl is full until noon.

Pho Thin Lo Duc Hanoi


: 13 Lo Duc, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Average price

: 65,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours

: 6:00 – 21:00

Pho Thin is a delicious Hanoi noodle brand that has been around for nearly 30 years. The restaurant only serves one noodle dish, but it still attracts a lot of visitors every day. The beef is thinly sliced and then sautéed with spices. Instead of the usual dip, this is a way to make the meat taste more intense. The chef puts pho, meat, and scallions on top, then pour the broth in. The water in Pho Thin is not clear but cloudy, ivory, and extremely fatty. When you use it, remember to eat it with homemade chili sauce and garlic vinegar to add a special part!

Pho Thin Lo Duc Hanoi

In terms of space, Pho Thin Lo Duc belongs to the old townhouse style, the ground is narrow but deep. The shop is quite small, so if you don’t pay attention, it will be difficult to recognize. The processing area is outside. Simple folding tables and chairs inside. The owner also makes use of the space by designing a small table edge attached to the wall and arranging chairs below for guests to sit. Although not considered too small, because it is always crowded, you will feel a bit claustrophobic when dining here.

Hang Chieu Pho


: 4 Hang Ma, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Average price

: 40,000 – 50,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours

: 3:00 – 6:00

Pho Ganh Hang Chieu is a famous late-night dining address that every Ha Thanh gourmet knows. The shop is open from 3 am to 6 am, sometimes closing earlier due to being out of stock. At a time when it’s going to be cold, there’s nothing more wonderful than enjoying a warm bowl of pho.

Hang Chieu Pho

True to its name, Pho Ganh opened nearly 30 years ago from just a simple pair of Pho. Up to now, the space of the restaurant is still the same. No need for signs, no need for tall buildings, maybe a few more sets of plastic tables and chairs to serve the long lines of “hungry” diners.

Pho Bat Dan


: 49 Bat Dan, Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Average price:

40,000 – 50,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours

: 6:00 to 10:00 and 18:00 to 20:30

This Bat Dan Pho restaurant is located right on the street of the same name connecting from Hang Bo to Phung Hung. Every morning when you have the opportunity to stop by, you will not be surprised by the long line of people who do not see the end. This century-old Pho restaurant is also regularly featured on Korean, Japanese, or British food channels,… It can be seen that this is a place you must definitely visit when you have the opportunity to come to Hanoi.

Pho Bat Dan

Pho Bat Dan

The difference of this Pho restaurant lies in the broth. After many generations, the delicate, sweet taste mixed with esoteric spices makes users never stop admiring when taking the first sip. Add a little aroma of garlic vinegar, the sourness of a few slices of fresh lemon, fragrant scallions are undeniably delicious.

Pho Suong


: 24, Trung Yen Alley, Dinh Liet, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Average price

: 55,000 VND/bowl or more

Opening hours

: 5:30 to 11:00 and 16:30 to 21:30

A delicious Pho restaurant with Hanoi wine sauce with a very different name: Suong. So far, Pho Suong is still a name that food lovers in the capital cannot stop talking about.

Pho Suong

The menu at the restaurant is diverse, including a full range of options such as ripe, rare, encrusted, tendon, wine sauce, etc. The big bowl of Pho with many cakes and lots of meat is extremely delicious. Fresh beef, cut into large pieces, not crumbly like the usual shops. When the chef dips it in, he takes it out right away, so every piece looks like it’s still rosy and delicious.

Khoi Hoi beef noodle soup


: 50C Hang Vai, Hang Bo, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Average price:

60,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours:

6:00 to 21:30

Beef noodle soup is a delicious Hanoi dish that many people love. Khoi Hoi beef noodle soup is a famous Hanoi noodle shop located in the Old Quarter. Foodies in Hanoi often joke with each other: “Sunday morning, get up early to go to Pho Khoi Hoi restaurant to make two bowls of pho and see that life is light.” Uncle Khoi’s Pho has a mild flavor. Not the sweetness of the main noodles but from the depths of the quality beef core pieces.

Khoi Hoi beef noodle soup

Nguyet Chicken Pho


: 5B Phu Doan, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Average price

: 40,000 VND – 90,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours

: 6:00 to 10:00 and 17:00 to 6:00

This is one of the delicious pho restaurants in Hanoi you must try once. People often joke with each other that Nguyet chicken noodle soup is the best in the old town. Come enjoy and see that it is truly an unspoiled reputation.

Nguyet Chicken Pho

Nguyet Chicken Pho has a very simple space. In the afternoon, this is a car repair shop. It is only morning and night that “lights up”. When coming to Nguyet’s chicken noodle soup, you must definitely order a bowl of mixed chicken pho. The noodles are tough and not broken, while the meat is big. Mix well by hand so that the seasoning penetrates into each fiber of the meat, you can rest assured to enjoy. The taste is sour, sweet, and full of meat without feeling sick. So when you eat it, you want to eat more.

Stir-Fried Pho Thanh Beo


: 11 Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Average price

: 60,000 VND/plate

Opening hours

: 6:00 pm to 3:30 am

Ba Thanh Beo fried pho is the only restaurant specializing in fried pho on the list of delicious Pho restaurants in Hanoi that should be enjoyed. Ms. Thanh opens the shop from 6:00 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. every day without ever stopping customers.

Stir-Fried Pho Thanh Beo

Stir-fried pho is not too difficult to prepare, but that’s why it’s delicious, giving people a long-term memory of a problem. At Thanh Beo fried noodle shop, beef is meticulously marinated. Each piece of tender meat is delicious alone, served with rice noodles and vegetables is even more indescribable. Stir-fried cabbage until cooked to keep the green color. A plate of fried pho costs about 60,000 VND.

Pho Cuong


: 23 Hang Muoi, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Average price:

25,000 VND – 35,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours

: 6:30 to 22:00

Pho Cuong is similar to Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su, originating from Nam Dinh. Although in the center of the old town, the shop still keeps a very reasonable price. The quality of the food compared to the price is therefore even more outstanding.

Pho Cuong

What makes the bowl of pho here special is the fresh and attractive ingredients. Most of the guests coming here like to order rare Pho to keep the full flavor of the beef. The broth made from pork bones is very clear, flooded with rice noodles. Add some green onions, squeeze in some lemon juice, and a tablespoon of homemade chili sauce. So it’s ready to enjoy.

Lam beef noodle soup


: 48 Hang Vai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Average price

: 40,000 VND – 66,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours

: 7:00 to 22:00

Like most of the old delicious pho restaurants in Hanoi, Pho Bo Lam has a relatively small area. If you want to be cool, sit indoors, if you want to be open, sit on the sidewalk, or if you are too secretive, you can arrange to sit at the coffee shop next door.

Lam beef noodle soup

The first impression of Pho Lam is that the broth is very clear. The water is not too hot, just enough to cook the onions, not burn the diners’ tongues. The rare meat is soft, pink evenly, and the bucket meat is thickly sliced but still soft. Noodles are cut into small pieces, with fibers coming out, soft and fragrant. Even if you don’t eat, you can see the sweetness from the rice.

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Từ khoá: Top 10 delicious Pho restaurants in Hanoi

Top 10 Most Famous And Luxurious Hotels In Bac Ninh

Center Hotel Bac Ninh

Center Hotel is located in the center of Bac Ninh, is one of the most luxurious and modern hotels here. Center Hotel Bac Ninh prides itself in providing a professional, comfortable atmosphere, as well as assisting you in planning and doing all the details for the ultimate convenience, experience and reward.

Especially , the hotel is located near tourist attractions in the province, so it is very convenient for moving. Along with extremely modern design, fully equipped, with a full range of single rooms, double rooms, luxury rooms to choose from. Center Hotel promises to bring you wonderful moments of relaxation.

Some services and amenities at Center Hotel such as:

Modern LCD TV screen

High speed wifi access

Luxury equipment: wooden floor, beautiful bathroom, minibar, large desk, wooden wardrobe, …

Most of the rooms have open windows overlooking the city

Daily free international buffet breakfast

Laundry service with guaranteed price


Address: No. 28 Duong Vuong Street, Vu Ninh Ward, City. Bac Ninh

Phone: 0241 3989 989- 0967 839 468

Center Hotel Bac Ninh

Center Hotel

Hotel apartments HaNa

HaNa Apartment Hotel is one of the luxury hotels, located right in Hudland new urban area, the hotel has a quiet living space, opposite is a park of more than 4,000 square meters, besides, it is very close to the amusement, entertainment, tourist area along with convenient transportation system is ideal for a stopover.

The HaNa apartment hotel offers two options that are Deluxe apartments and Suite apartments with extremely luxurious and modern design, with attractive amenities such as:

The furniture in the room is made of high quality wood in white and brown colors, will bring a cozy and close space for customers.

Has a large balcony, overlooking the park

All rooms ensure clean cleaning and regular maintenance according to international standards

Equipped with elevator, separate kitchen, refrigerator, cable TV

Two-way air conditioner, wooden floor, wifi, free internet in each room


Address: Lot 6-7-8, Vo Cuong 4 Street, HUDLAND Urban Area, Vo Cuong Ward, City. Bac Ninh

Phone: 02413 82 82 83

Hotel apartments HaNa

Hotel apartments HaNa


Gia Bao Hotel

Gia Bao Hotel is known for its interior space that is not too lavish, but in exchange for a warm, elegant feeling, bringing Vietnamese charm and Beijing hospitality.

Coming to Gia Bao hotel, you will have wonderful moments of relaxation, especially near major commercial centers, which are very convenient for shopping. From Gia Bao just 40 minutes drive to Noi Bai airport, and takes about 10 minutes to visit some famous tourist attractions in Bac Ninh such as Buddhist Tich Pagoda, Temple Do.

Some services and facilities at Gia Bao Hotel:

The interior is elegant, harmonious and luxurious

Equipped with satellite TV

The private bathroom has a bathtub, and shower facilities

There is a cafe restaurant to serve customers

Two-way air conditioner, full wifi


Address: 20 Ly Thanh Tong, Tu Son District, City. Bac Ninh

Phone: 0241 3745 888- 0907 745 888

Rooms at Gia Bao Hotel

Gia Bao hotel


Royal Hotel Bac Ninh

Royal Hotel Bac Ninh is the first international 4-star hotel in Bac Ninh. With 87 luxury rooms and apartments, the hotel is designed according to international standards and decorated in a luxurious and noble royal style.

Royal Hotel with modern facilities, diverse service types and professional service style will surely give you satisfaction during your stay here. In addition, from the hotel, you can easily move to the famous tourist destinations of Bac Ninh such as But Thap pagoda, Phat Tich pagoda, Do Temple, Dong Ky wooden village, Dong Ho painting village, … to visit experience interesting things.

Services and facilities at the hotel:

Full range of room types for customers to choose from such as: royal room, ambassador room, luxury room, luxury room and luxury room

Full and modern equipment in the room: air conditioning, satellite TV, IDD telephone, 2 32 “/ 37” LCD TVs, refrigerator, safe, modern kitchen, …

Room services such as: free drinks, fresh fruit, laundry, buffet breakfast, swimming pool, automatic cleaning, …


Address: Nguyen Van Cu Street, Vo Cuong Ward, City. Bac Ninh

Phone: 0241 3692 888 – 0241 3692 999 – 0241 3692 222

Royal Hotel Bac Ninh

Le Indochina Hotel & Spa Bac Ninh

Le Indochina Bac Ninh Hotel & Spa belongs to Dabaco Vietnam Group, is the first hotel in Bac Ninh to be certified 5-star standard by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism – Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam. in the city center of Bac Ninh. The hotel has luxurious rooms that are uniquely designed, sophisticated and modern with high-end interior and exterior, a great place to stop for vacationers or business trips. far.

Services and facilities at Le Indochina Hotel & Spa Bac Ninh:

Asian restaurant, Buffet restaurant, Japanese – Korean restaurant

Wedding center, hall, Karaoke

Spa, sauna, four-season swimming pool, gym

Luxurious space, comfortable, fully meet the 5-star standard

Room service 24/24


Address: No. 45, Nguyen Dang Dao Street, Suoi Hoa Ward, City. Bac Ninh

Phone: 0911 936633

Room space at the hotel

Le Indochina Hotel & Spa Bac Ninh


Phoenix Resort Bac Ninh

Phoenix Resort Bac Ninh is a resort located on a beautiful hill called Phao Thuat Hill, near the center of Bac Ninh, located at an altitude of 500 m, at this height you can admire the beauty of space. Around the fields, rivers, … and far away there are many interesting things waiting for you to discover.

Especially , Phoenix Resort Bac Ninh has a very ideal garden with green trees, smooth grass, fresh flowers will bring you moments of relaxation, peace and happiness. Let’s enjoy the specialties of high-end and luxurious restaurants here.

Some services and amenities when coming to Phoenix Resort Bac Ninh:

Sports area and private entertainment area

Gaming Club

Luxury car rental and shuttle service

An international restaurant with a team of professional chefs

Spa and Massage will bring you moments of relaxation

Luxurious room interior, standard, fully equipped


Address: Phao Thu Hill, Zone 6, Dap Cau Ward, Bac Ninh City,

Phone: 0222 3871 868

Phoenix Resort Bac Ninh

Phoenix Resort Bac Ninh:


World Hotel

World Hotel is a large-scale hotel with 125 comfortable rooms, located in the center of Bac Ninh city on Ly Thai To street, close to supermarkets, large restaurants which are very convenient to serve the needs of visitors. come to stay here.

Inside World Hotel is full of services, luxurious, harmonious design, with a team of professional and enthusiastic staff. In particular, there are both Korean managers and chefs, which will surely give visitors a pleasant experience when coming to the World Hotel.

Some services and facilities at World Hotel:

Full range of single rooms, luxurious double rooms to serve the needs of guests

Full equipment and facilities of international standards

Wireless Internet, digital satellite TV, separate desk

Personal safe, international phone

The system of Asian – European restaurants is served by a team of skilled chefs


Address: Lot 2A, Area A, Ly Thai To Street, Ninh Xa Ward, City. Bac Ninh

Phone: 0241 6262 261

World Hotel

World Hotel


Muong Thanh Luxury Bac Ninh

As the first 5-star hotel in Bac Ninh province, Muong Thanh Luxury Bac Ninh creates an impressive highlight of architectural space and urban landscape. The hotel was born to fully meet the needs of domestic and foreign guests for accommodation and high-end entertainment services. This is an ideal stopover for tourists visiting the countryside of Beijing.

Muong Thanh with many types of rooms, providing a full range of 5-star services: accommodation, daily dining, wedding parties, receptions, conferences / seminars, birthday parties …

Services, facilities and places to visit when coming to Muong Thanh Luxury Bac Ninh:

Quan Ho restaurant – bold Kinh Bac, visitors can visit and enjoy

Swimming pool, gym, bar / karaoke service

The banquet and conference rooms with modern equipment to serve the number of guests from 10 to 1200 guests.

Visitors here do not need to bring cash, because they accept payments via American Express, Visa, Master Card, JCB, Diners club cards, very suitable for foreign tourists, business people.

Outdoor swimming pool, garden cafe, tennis court


Address: No. 395, Ngo Gia Tu Street, Tien An Ward, City. Bac Ninh

Phone: 0222 3665 566

Muong Thanh Luxury Bac Ninh

Muong Thanh Luxury Bac Ninh


Mandala Hotel & Spa

Mandala Hotel & Spa recreates the vibrant Kinh Bac culture through impressive local materials: Dong Ho painting, Phu Lang pottery, Vong Nguyet silk, Quan Quan textile. The hotel includes many luxurious rooms with unique, sophisticated and modern design and high-end interior and exterior equipment. This is an ideal destination for tourists for relaxation or long-distance business trips. Hotels with a system of luxury rooms designed diversified from standard to high quality, well-trained and professional staff, good service attitude will satisfy any difficult customer. count.

Services include:

Services and facilities at the hotel such as:

Asian restaurant, Buffet restaurant, serves many delicious and attractive dishes.

Wedding hall, center,

Century 14 Bar, karaoke, beauty Salon, spa, Himalayan salt rock sauna, four-season swimming pool, gym and 24-hour room service create a delicate, unique and convenient relaxation space to meet all customer’s need.

Cable TV is installed on the TV

Fully furnished room equipment: electric safety system, air conditioning, telephone, fresh flowers, minibar, Internet, desk, …

In the room available tea and coffee for visitors to enjoy at any time of the day


Kinh Duong Vuong Street, Suoi Hoa Ward, City. Bac Ninh

Phone: 0222 386 88 66

Mandala Hotel & Spa

Mandala Hotel & Spa


Hoa Vien Hotel

Hoa Vien Hotel was put into operation in 2011, the hotel has 45 rooms with modern and luxurious design, Hoa Vien has become a familiar name of hotel services in Bac Ninh.

In particular, Hoa Vien hotel emphasizes service value with responsibility, thoughtfulness, and conscientiousness, thus constantly improving service quality based on actual research, listening and sharing with the customer itself.

Some services and amenities of Hoa Vien hotel:

Fully equipped with wireless Internet, a 32 inch LCD TV

There is a full range of different room types to cater to the needs of visitors

With luxurious bathroom luxurious marble rooms

Two-way air conditioner, telephone, satellite TV


Address: Ngo Tat To, Ninh Xa, City. Bac Ninh

Phone: 0377 664 444

Hoa Vien Hotel

Hoa Vien Hotel

Above are the most luxurious hotels in the city. Bac Ninh, if you have the opportunity to travel to this city, you can choose one of these hotels to enjoy a relaxing experience and moments with your loved ones.


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Từ khoá: Top 10 most famous and luxurious hotels in Bac Ninh

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