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The beautiful city of Hue, besides famous landscapes, is also the capital of extremely delicious – nutritious – cheap lunch dishes. Let’s discover 10 delicious rustic restaurants that you should try when coming to Hue!

Top 10 delicious rustic restaurants in Hue Bún Giò Heo Nguyễn Du


: Nguyen Du street – Nguyen Du 3rd intersection – Chi Lang

Opening hours

: 6:30 to 20:00 daily

Bún Giò Heo Nguyễn Du is a lunch dish in Hue that is no stranger to many people. Coming to Hue, don’t forget to enjoy the delicious Bún Giò Heo Nguyễn Du, famous throughout the region. Different from other shops, Nguyen Du pork vermicelli noodles are 2 to 3 times bigger than regular noodles. A full bowl of vermicelli will include vermicelli, beef, spring rolls served with herbs, bean sprouts, and banana flowers. The broth of the dish is very rich, made according to the restaurant’s recipe, and fragrant with lemongrass. The sweetness of pork leg and other seasonings is very satisfying.

Bún Giò Heo Nguyễn Du

Although the space of the restaurant is small, there are few places, but it is always crowded because the vermicelli here is very delicious, the broth is cooked according to the traditional recipe, over the years but still retains the same taste.

Cơm Hến Hoa Đông


64 Kiet 7 Ung Binh – Vy Da – City. Hue

Opening hours:

6:30 to 20:00 daily

Going to Hue without enjoying Cơm hến Hoa Đông would be a huge omission. This is one of the delicious dishes in Hue that should not be missed.

Cơm Hến Hoa Đông

Cơm hến Hoa Đông dish is very special and not available everywhere. A serving of Cơm hến will have all the flavors of sour, spicy, salty, and sweet. Besides this typical dish, at Cơm hến Hoa Đông restaurant, they also serve a menu of dishes: mussel vermicelli, mussel noodles, snacks,… to meet all dining needs of diners.

Nguyen Thai Hoc Hades Rice


: 35 and 51 Nguyen Thai Hoc – City. Hue

Opening hours

: 10:00 to 20:00 daily

Nguyen Thai Hoc’s Hades Rice – a lunch dish in Hue that makes many domestic and international tourists curious. Many people had to find a restaurant when coming to Hue just to enjoy this unique dish. Nguyen Thai Hoc’s Hades Rice is prepared according to its recipe and beautifully decorated. A set of rice will include steamed rice and 7 other side dishes.

Nguyen Thai Hoc Hades Rice

The white rice is selected from An Cuu rice with large, soft, and extremely flexible rice grains. Accompanying dishes include grilled pork belly, spring rolls, eggs, cucumbers, spring rolls, and herbs. The space of Nguyen Thai Hoc’s Restaurant is quite simple, not too spacious, but very clean. This is one of the ideal lunch places in Hue you can refer to.

Lien Hoa Vegetarian Rice


: 3 Le Quy Don – Phu Nhuan – City. Hue

Opening hours:

7:00 to 22:00 daily

One of the famous vegetarian restaurants in Hue not to be missed is Lien Hoa Vegetarian Restaurant. During their trip to Hue, many tourists have chosen this restaurant to enjoy vegetarian dishes and experience the light and peaceful atmosphere of the restaurant.

Lien Hoa Vegetarian Rice

Bodhi Vegetarian Restaurant


: No. 11 Le Loi – Vinh Ninh – City. Hue

Opening hours

: 5:00 to 22:00 every day

Besides the famous specialties of the three regions, Hue’s vegetarian culinary culture is also very diverse. There are many restaurants that specialize in vegetarian dishes. However, Bodhi Vegetarian Restaurant is the most famous and this is one of the ideal lunch places in Hue for vegetarians.

Bodhi Vegetarian Restaurant

The space is quite spacious, elegantly designed, and peaceful. When entering the door, you will immediately hear the sound of meditation music echoing around, bringing peace and peace to your soul. The restaurant’s vegetarian dishes are quite diverse, the source of processed food is carefully selected, ensuring food safety. The food is completely fat-free, satisfying to the taste, and very healthy.

Quán Bánh Khoái Lạc Thiện


: No. 6 Dinh Tien Hoang – Phu Hoa – City. Hue

Opening hours

: 6:00 to 22:30 daily

Suggest you an address for lunch in Hue with a cake with an impressive name – Bánh Khoái Lạc Thiện. This restaurant has been around for more than 40 years in Hue city, the Bánh Khoái Lạc Thiện here is not only loved by locals but also attracts many curious tourists to enjoy.

Quán Bánh Khoái Lạc Thiện

Banh Khoai is quite similar to Banh Xeo in the South of Vietnam. This is a delicious cake dough, coated in a round pan, then shrimp, pork, egg, bean sprouts are added. When enjoying, you will feel the crispiness of the crust, the aroma of shrimp meat and eggs. The sauce here is also very special because it is made according to the restaurant’s recipe. All the ingredients of the dish blend, creating an extremely delicious lunch dish in Hue, making many tourists feel excited.

Hủ Tiếu Nam Vang – Tran Phu Street


: 151 Tran Phu – Phuoc Vinh – City. Hue

Opening hours

: 6:00 to 13:00 daily

Quán hủ tiếu Nam Vang is known as one of the famous lunch restaurants in Hue. The restaurant’s noodle dish originates from Cambodia, the owner is very attentive and has researched and added some spices just enough to best suit the taste of Vietnamese culture. Vì vậy, Hủ tiếu Nam Vang is loved by many Hue people.  

Hủ Tiếu Nam Vang – Tran Phu Street

A bowl of noodle soup at the restaurant will include freshly eaten noodles, lean meat, ground meat, pork stomach, pork tongue, quail eggs, and accompanying vegetables. The broth of this lunch dish is quite rich, the sweet taste from the bones makes you remember forever. 

Bánh Canh Bà Đợi


: 75 Nguyen Trai – Thuan Hoa –  Hue

Opening hours

: 7:00 to 22:00 daily

Banh Canh Ba Doi is one of the delicious – nutritious – cheap lunch dishes in Hue you should enjoy. A full bowl of Banh Canh at the shop will have shrimp, quail eggs, and spring rolls. Banh Canh served with raw vegetables, a little chili will make you irresistible. The most delicious will be the broth of Banh Canh bowl, with the sweetness of stewed bones and the aroma of spices. The noodle soup is very big and tough, not crushed, and very satisfying to eat.

Bánh Canh Bà Đợi

Usually, the restaurant will be very crowded at peak hours, if you come at this time, you will have to wait for a long time to get your turn. Therefore, you should choose the right time to go to the restaurant to enjoy the food to the fullest, avoiding waiting too long or running out of tables.

Gia Dinh Rice Pot Restaurant


: No. 26 Ben Nghe – Phu Hoi – City. Hue

Opening hours

: 9:00 to 21:00 daily

If you are looking for a lunch restaurant in Hue that tastes like a simple daily meal, come to Gia Dinh rice pot restaurant right away. The restaurant stands out for its delicious, soft, and flexible rice pots cooked directly on embers. The menu of accompanying dishes is also quite diverse with daily dishes but they are delicious and nutritious such as fried squash, sour carp, shrimp, tomato sauce, grilled meat,…

Gia Dinh Rice Pot Restaurant

The plus point of the restaurant is that the space is designed and decorated in a traditional style. All tables and chairs are made of bamboo with simplicity and bold Vietnamese countryside. The restaurant is suitable for groups and tours.

Dao Duy Tu Grilled Pork & Rice Noodles Restaurant


: No. 81 Dao Duy Tu – Hue City.

Opening hours

: 16:00 to 22:00 daily

Grilled Pork & Rice Noodles are available everywhere, but in the land of the capital, this dish has a completely different taste. One of the most famous Grilled Pork & Rice Noodles Restaurant here is Dao Duy Tu. This restaurant is considered to be quite delicious and has a very reasonable price.

Dao Duy Tu Grilled Pork & Rice Noodles Restaurant

A set of Grilled Pork & Rice Noodles at the restaurant will include: pork is grilled soft, fragrant, marinated with rich spices. The noodle portion is just enough, with herbs, bean sprouts, cucumbers, carrots, and peanuts served. A special feature of that restaurant is that it also serves spring rolls. You can order to eat with Grilled Pork & Rice Noodles, it’s also very delicious

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Top 10 Delicious Pho Restaurants In Hanoi

Referring to Hanoi cuisine, it is impossible not to mention Pho. This is a typical Vietnamese dish that is loved by many people around the world! Let’s discover the top 10 delicious Pho restaurants in Hanoi that you should not miss below!

Top 10 delicious Pho restaurants in Hanoi Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su

Address: 10 Ly Quoc Su, Hoang Minh Giam, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Average price: 70,000 – 100,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours: 6:00 – 21:00

Referring to the top delicious Pho restaurants in Hanoi, it would be remiss not to mention Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su. Pho restaurant is present on many foreign food review sites. This is also the place visited by South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su

Pho Ly Quoc Su broth is not clear but turns yellow and is simmered from bones and lumps. The sweet taste is very natural without being harsh. Homemade pho noodles are white, clear, and immediately melt in your mouth. The beef is even more needless to say, fresh, and not bad. Because of the high price, every bowl is full of meat, eating just one bowl is full until noon.

Pho Thin Lo Duc Hanoi


: 13 Lo Duc, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Average price

: 65,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours

: 6:00 – 21:00

Pho Thin is a delicious Hanoi noodle brand that has been around for nearly 30 years. The restaurant only serves one noodle dish, but it still attracts a lot of visitors every day. The beef is thinly sliced and then sautéed with spices. Instead of the usual dip, this is a way to make the meat taste more intense. The chef puts pho, meat, and scallions on top, then pour the broth in. The water in Pho Thin is not clear but cloudy, ivory, and extremely fatty. When you use it, remember to eat it with homemade chili sauce and garlic vinegar to add a special part!

Pho Thin Lo Duc Hanoi

In terms of space, Pho Thin Lo Duc belongs to the old townhouse style, the ground is narrow but deep. The shop is quite small, so if you don’t pay attention, it will be difficult to recognize. The processing area is outside. Simple folding tables and chairs inside. The owner also makes use of the space by designing a small table edge attached to the wall and arranging chairs below for guests to sit. Although not considered too small, because it is always crowded, you will feel a bit claustrophobic when dining here.

Hang Chieu Pho


: 4 Hang Ma, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Average price

: 40,000 – 50,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours

: 3:00 – 6:00

Pho Ganh Hang Chieu is a famous late-night dining address that every Ha Thanh gourmet knows. The shop is open from 3 am to 6 am, sometimes closing earlier due to being out of stock. At a time when it’s going to be cold, there’s nothing more wonderful than enjoying a warm bowl of pho.

Hang Chieu Pho

True to its name, Pho Ganh opened nearly 30 years ago from just a simple pair of Pho. Up to now, the space of the restaurant is still the same. No need for signs, no need for tall buildings, maybe a few more sets of plastic tables and chairs to serve the long lines of “hungry” diners.

Pho Bat Dan


: 49 Bat Dan, Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Average price:

40,000 – 50,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours

: 6:00 to 10:00 and 18:00 to 20:30

This Bat Dan Pho restaurant is located right on the street of the same name connecting from Hang Bo to Phung Hung. Every morning when you have the opportunity to stop by, you will not be surprised by the long line of people who do not see the end. This century-old Pho restaurant is also regularly featured on Korean, Japanese, or British food channels,… It can be seen that this is a place you must definitely visit when you have the opportunity to come to Hanoi.

Pho Bat Dan

Pho Bat Dan

The difference of this Pho restaurant lies in the broth. After many generations, the delicate, sweet taste mixed with esoteric spices makes users never stop admiring when taking the first sip. Add a little aroma of garlic vinegar, the sourness of a few slices of fresh lemon, fragrant scallions are undeniably delicious.

Pho Suong


: 24, Trung Yen Alley, Dinh Liet, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Average price

: 55,000 VND/bowl or more

Opening hours

: 5:30 to 11:00 and 16:30 to 21:30

A delicious Pho restaurant with Hanoi wine sauce with a very different name: Suong. So far, Pho Suong is still a name that food lovers in the capital cannot stop talking about.

Pho Suong

The menu at the restaurant is diverse, including a full range of options such as ripe, rare, encrusted, tendon, wine sauce, etc. The big bowl of Pho with many cakes and lots of meat is extremely delicious. Fresh beef, cut into large pieces, not crumbly like the usual shops. When the chef dips it in, he takes it out right away, so every piece looks like it’s still rosy and delicious.

Khoi Hoi beef noodle soup


: 50C Hang Vai, Hang Bo, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Average price:

60,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours:

6:00 to 21:30

Beef noodle soup is a delicious Hanoi dish that many people love. Khoi Hoi beef noodle soup is a famous Hanoi noodle shop located in the Old Quarter. Foodies in Hanoi often joke with each other: “Sunday morning, get up early to go to Pho Khoi Hoi restaurant to make two bowls of pho and see that life is light.” Uncle Khoi’s Pho has a mild flavor. Not the sweetness of the main noodles but from the depths of the quality beef core pieces.

Khoi Hoi beef noodle soup

Nguyet Chicken Pho


: 5B Phu Doan, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Average price

: 40,000 VND – 90,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours

: 6:00 to 10:00 and 17:00 to 6:00

This is one of the delicious pho restaurants in Hanoi you must try once. People often joke with each other that Nguyet chicken noodle soup is the best in the old town. Come enjoy and see that it is truly an unspoiled reputation.

Nguyet Chicken Pho

Nguyet Chicken Pho has a very simple space. In the afternoon, this is a car repair shop. It is only morning and night that “lights up”. When coming to Nguyet’s chicken noodle soup, you must definitely order a bowl of mixed chicken pho. The noodles are tough and not broken, while the meat is big. Mix well by hand so that the seasoning penetrates into each fiber of the meat, you can rest assured to enjoy. The taste is sour, sweet, and full of meat without feeling sick. So when you eat it, you want to eat more.

Stir-Fried Pho Thanh Beo


: 11 Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Average price

: 60,000 VND/plate

Opening hours

: 6:00 pm to 3:30 am

Ba Thanh Beo fried pho is the only restaurant specializing in fried pho on the list of delicious Pho restaurants in Hanoi that should be enjoyed. Ms. Thanh opens the shop from 6:00 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. every day without ever stopping customers.

Stir-Fried Pho Thanh Beo

Stir-fried pho is not too difficult to prepare, but that’s why it’s delicious, giving people a long-term memory of a problem. At Thanh Beo fried noodle shop, beef is meticulously marinated. Each piece of tender meat is delicious alone, served with rice noodles and vegetables is even more indescribable. Stir-fried cabbage until cooked to keep the green color. A plate of fried pho costs about 60,000 VND.

Pho Cuong


: 23 Hang Muoi, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Average price:

25,000 VND – 35,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours

: 6:30 to 22:00

Pho Cuong is similar to Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su, originating from Nam Dinh. Although in the center of the old town, the shop still keeps a very reasonable price. The quality of the food compared to the price is therefore even more outstanding.

Pho Cuong

What makes the bowl of pho here special is the fresh and attractive ingredients. Most of the guests coming here like to order rare Pho to keep the full flavor of the beef. The broth made from pork bones is very clear, flooded with rice noodles. Add some green onions, squeeze in some lemon juice, and a tablespoon of homemade chili sauce. So it’s ready to enjoy.

Lam beef noodle soup


: 48 Hang Vai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Average price

: 40,000 VND – 66,000 VND/bowl

Opening hours

: 7:00 to 22:00

Like most of the old delicious pho restaurants in Hanoi, Pho Bo Lam has a relatively small area. If you want to be cool, sit indoors, if you want to be open, sit on the sidewalk, or if you are too secretive, you can arrange to sit at the coffee shop next door.

Lam beef noodle soup

The first impression of Pho Lam is that the broth is very clear. The water is not too hot, just enough to cook the onions, not burn the diners’ tongues. The rare meat is soft, pink evenly, and the bucket meat is thickly sliced but still soft. Noodles are cut into small pieces, with fibers coming out, soft and fragrant. Even if you don’t eat, you can see the sweetness from the rice.

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Top 50 Famous Attractions In Australia You Should Definitely Visit

1. The Sydney Opera House

Instagram: @hennypenny_travels

Located at Bennelong Point in Sydney, the Sydney Opera house is a multi-venue performing art center located in the heart of the city. It is one of the most prominent tourist attraction places with over eight million people visiting it every year. The opera house has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List on 28th June 2007. The opera house is home to some of the best performing arts that happen in the country. Multiple events in all sorts of art happen in the Sydney Opera house so tourists can enjoy them. For recreational purposes, there are various bars, cafes, and restaurants inside chúng tôi more: Sydney Travel Guide: 30 things you need to know for an awesome trip

2. The Great Barrier Reef

Instagram: @cmcosmetictattoo

The World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef is one of the largest living structures on the planet. In 1975, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park was established to protect its ecosystems, which include more than 3,000 coral reefs; 600 continental islands; 300 coral cays; and inshore mangrove islands. One of the seven wonders of the natural world, the park stretches for 2,300 kilometers along the state of Queensland, on Australia’s east coast. The astounding array of marine life includes soft and hard corals, more than 1600 species of tropical fish, sharks, dugongs, dolphins, turtles, rays, and giant clams. If you prefer to stay dry, you can see the reef from underwater viewing stations and glass bottom boats.

3. Sydney Harbor

Instagram: @thekentkent

Home to one of the world’s most famous landmarks, the Sydney Harbor is the center for a variety of land and water-based activities. Located in Sydney New South Wales, it is in close proximity to most of the transportation facilities. The harbor bustles with locals and visitors enjoying the water from ferries, yachts, and kayaks,… The harbor, surrounded by miles of pristine shoreline, historic sites, and national parks, is home to an array of restaurants, cafés, and bars providing a vibrant nightlife and entertainment. Enjoy scenic ferry cruises, relax on a chartered yacht, or visit one of the islands in the harbor, including Fort Denison, Goat, or Cockatoo Islands.

4. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Instagram: @huawarin

Deep in the heart of Australia’s Red Centre, Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock), is one of the most photographed natural wonders in the country. The striking red monolith forms the centerpiece of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, a World Heritage Area jointly managed by Parks Australia. Uluru, meaning “shadowy place” in the local aboriginal dialect, rises to a height of 348 meters from the surrounding plain, with most of its bulk hidden beneath the earth’s surface. Also in the park are the red dome-shaped rocks called Kata Tjuta (the Olgas).

5. Blue Mountains National Park

Instagram: @tam.koch

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, beautiful Blue Mountains National Park lies 81 kilometers west of Sydney. This stunning park protects more than 664,000 acres of wilderness and encompasses dramatic gorges, waterfalls and 140 kilometers of hiking trails. The most famous attractions in the park are the towering sandstone rock formations called the Three Sisters. Other highlights include the Katoomba Scenic Railway, the world’s steepest, which whisks passengers down the Jamison Valley through a cliff-side tunnel into an ancient rainforest, and the Skyway, Scenic Cableway, and Scenic Walkway, which all offer elevated views of the dense forests. Hiking, abseiling, rock climbing, mountain biking, and horseback riding are all popular things to do in the park. If you’re wondering what to experience in the Blue Mountains, Inspitrip is here to help you plan your trip!

6. Great Ocean Road

Most top tourist destinations have spectacular driving routes, and for Australia, one of its best is the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne. The road stretches for 300 kilometers along Australia’s southeast coast, from the surfing town of Torquay to the town of Allansford, near Warrnambool, in the state of Victoria. The top attraction along the road is Port Campbell National Park, with the wind and wave-sculpted rock formations known as the Twelve Apostles, London Bridge, the Arch, and Loch Ard Gorge. From a helicopter tour, these rock formations look like giant puzzle pieces, lashed by the pounding surf of the Southern Ocean. Other highlights along the road include the popular holiday resort town of Lorne and Otway National Park, an area of dense eucalyptus forests, fern-filled rainforests, hiking trails, and waterfalls.

7. St. Mary’s Cathedral

Instagram: @lalanzel

St. Mary’s Cathedral is in the center of Sydney. A lot of artists have contributed to St Mary’s Cathedral in their designs in stone and glass thereby creating a special space of solitude in Sydney. The Cathedral is believed to be the most treasured historic building here in Sydney. More importantly, St Mary’s Cathedral displays one of the most surprisingly beautiful English styles of gothic churches in the world. William Wilkinson Wardell conceptualized a gothic type structure shaped from the local yellow-block sandstone. This Cathedral is the representation of the origins of the Catholic Church. Open not only to Catholics, all people, irrespective of the religion, can make a visit to the St Mary’s Cathedral to gather some inner peace.

8. Melbourne

Instagram: @davidkeen1

Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city, is a popular stop on many Australian itineraries. It’s a green city, with parks, gardens, and open spaces occupying almost a third of its total area. Highlights of the city include the Royal Botanic Gardens; Federation Square; the National Gallery of Victoria; and the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where sports fans can watch cricket in the summer and Australian Rules football in the winter. Shoppers flock to the elegant Royal Arcade on Bourke Street, as well as Chapel Street; the Melbourne Central Shopping Center; and Queen Victoria Market, which has been selling fruits, vegetables, clothes, and crafts for more than a century. Check out top things to do in Melbourne

9. Bondi Beach

Instagram: @alexiacattoni

Only 15 minutes by car from the city center, Bondi Beach is home to one of the oldest surf life-saving clubs in the world. It’s also a great spot for a seaside stroll or picnic, and crowds of tourists and locals gather here to celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year. A great way to soak up the sea views is to stroll along the scenic Bondi to Bronte coastal walk, which begins at the southern end of the beach and follows the coastline for six kilometers along sandstone cliffs. Shops, cafes, and restaurants lie across the street from this famous coastal strip. Take care when swimming at Bondi. Strong riptides often sweep unsuspecting swimmers out to sea, especially at the southern end of this kilometer-long strand, so swimmers should stay between the flags.

10. Chinatown

Instagram: @linapurwaphang

Located in Haymarket, between Darling Harbor and Central station, it is Australia’s largest Chinatown. Showcasing the best of China’s food and culture in Sydney’s Chinatown, this urban locality rests in the southern part of Sydney’s central business district. An enthralling experience for any food lover, you can get all of your favorite classic Chinese food right here. Chinatown is sure to give you an intensely rewarding experience as here you can immerse yourself in Chinese culture and history and partake in its many festivals that take place throughout the year. What makes Chinatown extraordinary are the specialty shops wherein one can buy things which would not normally be available elsewhere.

11. Kakadu National Park

Instagram: @vetchloe

12. Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park

Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park is a national tourism treasure for nature lovers. Sparkling lakes, alpine heathland, and dense forests characterize the raw, glacier-carved wilderness here, and 1,616-meter Mount Ossa is one of the park’s most distinctive features and the highest point in Tasmania. As you might expect, hiking here is fantastic. Favorites include the Weindorfer Walk, a six-kilometer loop through dense forests, and Lake Dove Walk, with breathtaking vistas of Cradle Mountain (1,545 meters). Stand on the summit of Cradle Mountain, and you can soak up stunning views of the central highlands. Experienced hikers can also tackle the famous 80-kilometer Overland Track, which runs south from Cradle Valley to stunning Lake St. Clair, Australia’s deepest lake. Keep an eye out for Tasmanian devils, wombats, wallabies, pademelons, and platypus among the many species of weird and wonderful wildlife.

13. Sydney Tower

Instagram: @sydneygentleman

Sydney Tower is one of the tallest structure and the second tallest observation tower in the southern hemisphere. The tower is 1,014 feet high and among the most eye-catching places of tourist attraction. It is also known as Sydney Tower Eye, AMP Tower, Westfield Centre point Tower or Sydney Sky tower. Sydney Tower is located in the new Westfield shopping center at the corner of the Pitt Street and Market Street. To reach here, the quickest and easy way is to use public transport. Views of Sydney from the tower eye provide some of the most spectacular views one will witness during their visit here. At the base of the tower, there is a shopping center that has restaurants and a coffee lounge with the revolving view of the Sydney Skyline.

14. The Rocks

Known as Sydney’s creative hub, The Rocks is a vibrant and dynamic precinct on Sydney’s foreshore that combines old and new to form a nucleus of markets, festivals, contemporary art, and ever-evolving pop-up spaces. Situated on the edge of the breathtaking Sydney Harbor with spectacular views of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House, The Rocks boasts an array of attractions, from historic architecture and intimate cobblestoned laneways to bustling markets, busy restaurants, and stylish modern bars. Visitors can enjoy guided educational tours through the gentrified neighborhood, which showcases its rich and fascinating heritage.

15. Queen Victoria Building

Instagram: @ryanrxx

The Queen Victoria Building is a late nineteenth-century building in the central business district of Sydney that is home to a variety of businesses, shops, and restaurants. It was built as a monument to the long-reigning monarch and later became a marketplace, which still stands today. The exquisitely restored building consists of four main shopping floors, which are naturally lit through the stained glass windows of a mighty center dome. The building features magnificent design details such as intricate tiled floors, arches, balustrades, and pillars. The northern end, which was previously a beautiful Grand Ballroom, is now a popular tearoom.

16. Daintree National Park

A Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, Daintree National Park in Far North Queensland is among the most ancient ecosystems on Earth. The area belongs to the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people, and many of its natural features hold great spiritual significance. The park encompasses two main sections: Mossman Gorge, where crystal clear waters gush over granite boulders, and Cape Tribulation, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Australia, where the rainforest meets reef along the white sandy beaches of the Coral Sea. This stunning stretch of coast is one of the few places in the world where two of the planet’s richest ecosystems converge. The park’s astounding biodiversity includes more than 18,000 plant species and a vast array of animal species, including the cassowary, crocodile, giant blue Ulysses butterfly, and the secretive Bennett’s tree kangaroo.

17. Fraser Island 18. Susannah Place Museum

Susannah Place Museum is a historic museum which was built in the year 1844. The architecture of the four terrace house is something which will take you back in time. The museum stands as a sign of all the working class people in the locality. A few things were recently repaired in the museum so that it stays stable to be visited by tourists. Located in The Rocks, Sydney, getting to the place is quite easy as you can take many public transportation facilities heading to the museum. Tourists mostly visit the place for its architecture and rich heritage. It has been in existence since more than a century back so it’s definitely worth a visit.

19. Kangaroo Island

Nature takes center stage at beautiful Kangaroo Island off the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. Kangaroos hop along the powdery shores, sea lions and penguins frolic in the crystal-clear waters, and koalas cling to the fragrant eucalyptus trees. Diving is also excellent. You can spot the sea dragons in the temperate waters, and many wrecks lie offshore. The striking, wind-sculpted rock formations, known as the Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch in Flinders Chase National Park are other distinctive features of the island, and you’ll find plenty of hiking trails along the soaring sea cliffs and in the pristine forests. Foodies, too, will be in heaven. Creamy cheeses, Ligurian honey, and fresh seafood grace the plates in local restaurants.

20. Royal Botanic Garden

Situated in the center of Sydney, the Royal Botanic Gardens are one of the largest botanical institutions in the world. Founded in 1816, the gardens are open to the public every day of the year and access is free of charge. Spanning 30 hectares (74 acres), the gardens are divided into four sections, namely the Lower Gardens, the Middle Gardens, the Palace Gardens, and the Bennelong precinct. These sections contain smaller gardens and wooded lawn areas, which form a natural amphitheater around a zone called Farm Cove. In the middle of the gardens is the Palm Grove Center, which has a modern visitor’s center, restaurant, and bookshop.

21. Royal National Park

Royal National Park is the second oldest and protected National Park in South Sydney. In December 2006, the park was added under Australian National Heritage List. It is also known as Nasho or Royals and was established in the year 1879. Royal National Park is located at Sutherland Shire, New South Wales in eastern Australia. Public transports like the ferry, tram, and trains are easily accessible to the national park. This place has incredible landscapes and beaches and is the best place to explore the beauty of nature. It’s also a perfect place for walking, cycling, surfing, picnicking, whale watching or bird watching.

22. Chapel Street

A shopper’s paradise, Melbourne beckons the shopaholics and the tourists alike with its magnificent shopping places which speak of elegance, style, and luxury. You can check out for extravagant, upmarket fashion boutiques, some world-class restaurants to keep you entertained in Chapel Street. Look out for the fashionable collections by the local designers on Brigade road.

23. Carlton Gardens

Carlton Buildings and the Royal Exhibition Building are the two Australia tourist attractions listed among World Heritage sites. Built in the 18th century, they are also one of the oldest sites existing as Australia tourist attractions.

24. Yarra Valley

Melbourne is one of the very few cities in the world that can be traversed in a hot air balloon, and Yarra Valley is the place to do that. Ballooning over the Yarra Valley takes you above one of Victoria’s most spectacular winery regions, offering breathtaking views of the lush landscapes and vineyards.

25. Heide Museum of Modern Art

Heide Museum of Modern Art is a combination of a contemporary art gallery, historical art museum and heritage park. The best reason to visit this unique museum is its beautiful location; it’s set upon a vast lush farmland. A major part of Australia tourism, it is a must-visit place!

Besides these 25 above destinations, we also list out 25 more places in Australia below: 26. Collaroy Beach 27. Taronga Zoo 28. Wild Life Sydney Zoo 29. Sydney Harbor Bridge 30. Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art 31. Nicholson Museum 32. Mountain Kosciuszko 33. King’s Cross 34. Sydney Observatory 35. Seaworld Marine Park 36. Macquarie Street 37. Circular Quay 38. Darling Harbor 39. Barangaroo Reserve 40. George Street 41. Purnululu National Park 42. Whitsunday Islands 43. Westfield Sydney 44. Canberra’s museums and galleries 45. Port Arthur 46. Palm Beach 47. Ku-ring Gai Chase National Park 48. The Southern Highlands 49. Berry 50. Hyde Park

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Từ khoá: Top 50 famous attractions in Australia you should definitely visit

Unique Experiences In Hanoi You Should Not Miss Out

From street reality to a break in Hoan Kiem Lake, here are unique experiences in Hanoi. Photo by hotels

Hanoi’s exotic, squalid, and hip Vietnamese capital is a full-fledged assault on the senses. Its crumbly, lemon-hued colonial architecture is a visual feast; swarms of buzzing motorbikes invade the ear; and the delicate scents and tastes of delicious street food can be found all over a city that, unlike so many of its regional contemporaries, manages to modernize with grace. Despite its political and historical significance and the constant noise generated by a large population, Hanoi has a more intimate, urbane appeal than Ho Chi Minh City.

Dive into the Old Quarter

What to do in Hanoi? You could spend several hours in Hanoi’s commercial heart, the Old Quarter. The best way to explore the enticing maze of streets is to wander around. Pull up a plastic stool whenever you need to rest and enjoy a cup of Vietnamese coffee or beer while seeing the world go by.

Discover Hanoi’s Old Quarter at its best on a street food tour. Photo by lonelyplanet

Hanoi’s Old Quarter, located in the Ba Dinh district near the business district, is the city’s busiest attraction and an unmissable assault on the senses. Along streets lined with French colonial buildings, buzzing motorbikes weave around people wearing large conical straw hats and pushing carts laden with goods. Come just after sunrise, when the light casts ethereal hues over the century-old facades, and you’ll find only the most hardworking locals busy preparing for the day. A walking food tour led by a local is another excellent way to learn about the 36 streets of the quarter and the best dishes that represent them.

If Anthony Bourdain, the late celebrity chef, chose to treat Barack Obama to a taste of this iconic bowl of grilled pork, herbs, and noodles, Hanoi’s bun cha must be pretty unique. The unassuming restaurant where the two dined in 2023 has become legendary, but the fun scours the city for worthy competitors. Lotte Center Hanoi in Ba Dinh and Bun Cha Ba Duc in Quan Ba Dinh are two good places to start.

Learn to cross the road

Crossing the street in Hanoi is an art form. Photo by bestprice

Drivers are accustomed to dodging approaching pedestrians, and honking is simply a polite way of signaling when someone is nearby. The most challenging part is summoning the courage to leave the sidewalk and begin walking…, especially for the first time.

Drink the world’s cheapest beer

Hanoi is home to bia hoi. Photo by matadornetwork

The Beer Corner — the intersection of Ta Hien and Luong Ngoc Quyen in the Old Quarter — is Hanoi’s busiest drinking spot; an entire street was congested with red plastic chairs, locals, travelers, and the echo of their boasts.

Try ostrich meat in Son Tay

Ostrich farming, believe it or not, has become one of the most profitable businesses in North Vietnam. Near Son Tay are the Ba Vi mountains, a popular weekend getaway for Hanoi residents, and are a popular place to try African bird meat while in Asia. It’s typically served fried, as a meatloaf, or boiled in a hot pot with vegetables. If exotic meat isn’t your thing, try Ba Vi’s homegrown hill chickens fried with fresh peppers.

Enjoy the music and art scene

Hanoi’s nightlife features a few well-established kinds of music and arts venues, from jazz and alternative rock bands to DJ nights. Hanoi Rock City has been hosting live bands, electronic and experimental music, art events, and a regular open mic night on Wednesdays since 2010. Savage in Tay Ho District opened its doors in 2023 and quickly became the city’s go-to electronic music club, attracting local and international DJs to spin the best house and techno beats.

Binh Minh Jazz Club, in the best places in Hanoi at the Old Quarter, has real strings, shiny brasses on most nights, and a selection of good whiskey pairs to live local jazz ensembles. In addition to being a popular all-day meeting spot for socializing over coffee and beers, the Hanoi Social Club in Hoan Kiem hosts regular art events.

Visit Vietnam’s Museum of Ethnology

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. Photo by guidevietnam

This museum, which opened in 1997, honors Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups. It’s beneficial for those short on time but interested in anthropology: the massive collection of 15,000 artifacts and 42,000 photographs on display provides a quick and comprehensive ethnographic tour of this vast country. The gardens feature a life-sized outdoor collection of traditional houses from Vietnam’s most prominent ethnic groups.

Perfume Pagoda Hanoi

The Perfume Pagoda (Chua Huong) complex’s cave shrine is one of the country’s most sacred sites. From the paddy fields to the southwest of Hanoi, steep-sided limestone hills rise. The Perfume Pagoda, named after the spring blossoms that scent the air, is located on the most easterly of these forested spurs, known as Nui Huong Tich (the “Mountain of the Perfumed Traces”). The perfume pagoda is accessible by boat, making it an excellent day trip.

Perfume Pagoda is a complex of temples, pagodas, and shrines on Huong Son mountain. Photo by vtr

The Red River Delta ends sixty kilometers southwest of Hanoi, where paddy fields give way to steep-sided limestone hills. The most easterly of these forested spurs shelters the Perfume Pagoda, Chua Huong, which is hidden in the folds of Ha Tay Province’s Mountain of the Perfumed Traces and is said to have been named after the scent of spring blossoms in the air.

Exploring around Hanoi

After you’ve seen the highlights of Hanoi, there are plenty of other places to visit in the surrounding area. There are dozens of other historic structures, the most atmospheric of which are the Thay Pagoda and Tay Phuong Pagoda, which are buried deep in the delta and contain fine examples of traditional Vietnamese architecture. You could also spend months discovering the villages of the delta, mainly the craft villages, which have managed to keep their traditions despite the constant influx of tourists.

A worthwhile stop is the Ho Chi Minh Trail Museum, which is southwest of the center and is particularly interesting if you’re leaving town on Highway 6—for example, to Mai Chau. Finally, just north of the Red River is the ancient citadel of Co Loa, which is worth a quick stop, mainly for historical reasons, as little remains of its former grandeur.

That’s all unique experiences in Hanoi. Wish you many unforgettable memories of things to do in the capital of Vietnam!

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Từ khoá: Unique experiences in Hanoi you should not miss out

3 Common Ways To Move From Hanoi To Sapa That You Should Know

Sa Pa is a highland town in Lao Cai, Vietnam. This is an area known for its beautiful landscape and tourist attractions. Located in the northwest of Vietnam, Sa Pa town is at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level, 33 km from Lao Cai City and 317 km from Hanoi. In addition to the main road from Lao Cai City, there is another traffic route to Sapa such as the National Highway 4D connecting Binh Lu, Tam Duong, and Lai Chau communes.


Although located in the North of Vietnam, it should have a humid tropical monsoon climate. But due to its high terrain and proximity to the Tropic of Cancer. Sa Pa has a humid and temperate subtropical climate with cool air around the year. In the summer, the weather in the town is like four seasons in a day. Besides the diversity of cuisine and culture, the weather is also a strong point that helps Sapa attract many tourists. Now let’s discover how to move from Ha Noi to Sapa with us!

There are many ways to move from Hanoi to Sapa for you to choose 

The distance from Hanoi to Sapa is different if you follow different routes:

About 320 km: if you follow the highway Hanoi – Lao Cai.

About 390 km: if you follow National Highway 70, which is the main route connecting the northwestern provinces of Vietnam, used before the expressway comes into operation.

About 340 km: if you go by train from Hanoi to Lao Cai, then take a car or bus to Sapa.

 About 455 km: if you ride a motorbike or car along Highway 32 running through Mu Cang Chai.

To go to Sapa from Hanoi, there are many ways and different means of transport that you can choose from, follow this article to find the most suitable way for you to travel. 

Ha Noi to Sapa by Bus

It is the easiest and cheapest way to travel to Sapa. There are a lot of bus companies run on the Hanoi – Lao Cai highway. It only takes about 5 – 6 hours to reach Sapa.

Advantages of using the bus: Short travel time and there are many different bus trips. Thanks to that, you can be proactive about the time and choose to go Sapa in many different time frames.

Ha Noi to Sapa by Bus

Currently, many bus operators are going from Hanoi to Sapa and are divided into 2 types: Seats and Sleeper buses. Most bus companies have a good quality, safe and clean. You can check prices and bus trips from Hanoi to Sapa here! 


You should choose bus companies that have an office address near you, or buses can run through to pick you up.

For people with motion sickness, when booking a sleeper bus ticket, you should choose to book a lower bunk bed.

Ha Noi to Sapa by Train

The train was the main means to go to Sapa in the past. Currently, a large number of passengers switch to traveling by bus or motorbike. Taking the train from Hanoi to Lao Cai will take about 8 – 9 hours. There are usually 2 types of trains: SP (fast) and LC (slow) trains. They are usually departing from Hanoi Station in the evening (7:00 pm – 11:00 pm) and arrive at Lao Cai Station in the early morning (5:00 am – 7:00 am). After that, you have to go by other means to reach Sapa such as a taxi.

Hanoi Station

Advantages: Taking the train is still a good choice if you have time, and want to take an experience. If you take a 4-person wooden-paneled train with a mattress, air-conditioner, the price seems to be about 560,000VND/ticket. You can have a good night’s sleep before going to Lao Cai. 

Where to buy train tickets from Hanoi to Lao Cai?

You can access the website chúng tôi to order online, which is the website of the Vietnam Railways Corporation. On this website, you can buy soft seats (280,000 VND/ticket) or a bed for 4 people (560,000 VND/ticket/person). To make it easier, you can refer to the cheaper prices and book the train here. Note that you should arrive at the train station at least 1 hour before the train time.

Ha Noi to Sapa by Train

Going from Lao Cai to Sapa

From Lao Cai to Sapa, the distance is about 40 km by the following means:

Public bus: The ticket price is 30,000 VND/

passenger starting from 5:30 am and there will be a bus every hour. You can find a bus stop right in front of Lao Cai station. The last bus spot is the Stone Church in Sapa so you need to move a bit to the hotel by motorbike taxi or by walk.

Pick-up car from hotels: about 50,000 VND/person, pick up at Lao Cai station door and take to the hotel.

Taxi Lao Cai – Sapa: the price is about 400,000 / 4-seat taxi and 450,000 VND / 7-seat taxi.

Motorbike taxi: it is about 150,000 VND.

Hanoi to Sapa by motorbike

Directions to Sapa by motorbike

There are 2 ways that you can choose to travel to Sapa from Hanoi by motorbike.

Going towards Lao Cai:

Route 1: Hanoi – Vinh Phuc – Viet Tri – Phong Chau – Doan Hung – Yen Bai – Lao Cai – Sapa (Total distance is about 360km)

Ruote 2: Hanoi – Hoa Lac – Son Tay – Trung Ha Bridge – Phong Chau Bridge – Phong Chau – Doan Hung – along road 70 – Lao Cai – Sapa (Total route is 370km)

Traveling to Sapa in the direction of Lai Chau:

Route: Hanoi – Hoa Lac – Son Tay – Thanh Son – Along Highway 32 – Sapa (Total route more than 420km)

Going to Sapa by motorbike is not as simple as you think, it takes health and perseverance. The weather is also a remarkable thing to have a perfect trip, so especially avoid the rainy season to make it easier to move as well as to enjoy the view. 

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Từ khoá: 3 common ways to move from Hanoi to Sapa that you should know

Top 8 Famous Food Streets In Hanoi That You Can Not Ignore

Rarely in a place like Hanoi, where sometimes just hearing the names of the streets makes Vietnamese will think of many typical dishes that make tourists crave. Do you know any famous food streets in Hanoi? Let’s go with Vietnam Reviewer to explore Hanoi with the most popular typical culinary streets today.

Top 8 famous food streets in Hanoi Cau Go Seafood Street

Cau Go Seafood Street is famous for its famous sidewalk seafood dishes near and far. Starting from 5 pm until late at night, dozens of seafood restaurants on this street are always crowded with customers.

Cau Go Seafood Street

From many popular dishes such as snails, clams, squid, octopus to regal dishes such as lobster, crab, abalone,… all are fresh and delicious, meticulously prepared, especially ready to serve. customer service. If you are a fan of seafood dishes, you should never miss this special Hanoi food street.

Hang Buom Food Street

The next Hanoi food street that Halo wants to reveal to you is the Hang Buom food street in Hanoi. This place is like a miniature Hanoi, extremely bustling and crowded. Coming here, you will have a lot of culinary choices, from traditional Vietnamese dishes to unique and mouth-watering dishes from world-famous countries such as Thailand, Korea, Japan, or other countries. Europe.

Hang Buom Food Street

Coming to Hang Buom Street, you can sit and enjoy food at the restaurant or take it out to walk around the old town and eat comfortably. In addition, coming here, you can also enjoy many performances of Van and Ca Tru at Huong Tuong Temple, listen to instrumental music, exciting young music. This is also a special thing that makes Hanoi’s Hang Buom food street so popular with many tourists today.

Hanoi Food Street in West Lake

In Hanoi, West Lake is considered the busiest snail street today. Coming here, you will easily see snail shops or seafood restaurants located close together. Although they are just sidewalk shops with small rows of plastic tables and chairs, from 3 pm until late at night, snail street is always bustling and crowded.

Hanoi Food Street in West Lake

West Lake snails are rich and diverse with all kinds of different dishes. Still familiar delicacies such as boiled snails, fried snails, grilled snails with onion fat, clams, steamed scallops, etc., like many other places. However, the airy and comfortable space at West Lake has always attracted visitors and has become the most favorite destination of young people today.

Nom Street Hoan Kiem

When it comes to Nom, especially Sweet and sour grated papaya salad mixed with beef, many Hanoi diners will immediately think of Hoan Kiem Lake, where the street is less than 300m long but there are dozens of mannequin shops close together. each other on the sidewalk. Maybe you don’t know, but 5/8 famous delicious mannequin shops in Hanoi are located in the Hoan Kiem District.

Nom Street Hoan Kiem

Sweet and sour grated papaya salad mixed with beef

The typical Sweet and sour grated papaya salad mixed with beef dishes at Hoan Kiem Lake includes many familiar and familiar ingredients such as green papaya, dried beef cut into pieces or herbs, roasted peanuts, and a thick sweet and sour mix. With the price of only 35,000 VND, you can already reward yourself with a delicious and delicious snack with the style of Hanoi street food in the late afternoon.

Ta Hien Beer Street

Ta Hien Hanoi Food Street is located on the Hoan Kiem Lake walking route. This is the busiest place to eat and drink in Hanoi today. Ta Hien is also known as a beer paradise with upside-down beer specialties of both locals and diners who have the opportunity to visit Hanoi.

Ta Hien Beer Street

Gam Cau Grilled Street

Where are the roast heart lovers? Gam Cau street was born for you. This is a familiar address for those who are passionate about hearty drinks, especially grilled hearts. From the sprouts, stomach, small intestine,… are all attractively marinated, grilled on fragrant coals with all the deliciously spicy, salty, and sweet flavors. Every around 5 pm to 8 pm, the grilled heart shops here are crowded with customers. Especially on cold days like now, you have to come early here to have a place for you.

Phung Hung Hotpot Street

Winter is coming, hot pot must be a delicious dish that many diners love and choose. Phung Hung is the first hot pot street in Hanoi. This street does business until late at night for diners to enjoy, so it is increasingly becoming a Hanoi street food hot spot chosen by many people.

Phung Hung Hotpot Street

It is very difficult for you to choose for yourself a satisfactory hot pot restaurant because from the beginning to the end of the street are hot pot restaurants close together with many kinds of rich hot pot. From the black chicken hot pot, seafood hot pot, frog hot pot, mixed hot pot, Thai hot pot, American beef hot pot, fish hot pot, Hong Kong hot pot, Sichuan hot pot,… The price of hot pot dishes in Phung Hung street is quite affordable. Only from 250,000 VND to 350,000 VND, you can sit and sip all night with your friends.

Pho Ly Quoc Su Street

Ly Quoc Su is Hanoi’s culinary street famous for many of the most delicious pho brands in Hanoi. The pho here is characterized by the sweet, heirloom broth that is simmered from the bones, the meat is soft and fragrant, the noodles are soft and chewy, and the crispy waffles attract customers. If you want to enjoy a bowl of pho with the right taste of Hanoi people, Ly Quoc Su street will surely help you to have more choices for yourself.

Pho Ly Quoc Su Street

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Từ khoá: Top 8 famous food streets in Hanoi that you can not ignore

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